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The PALOMAR CENTERS are destined for the care of your vision and your hearing.
Offering you all the integral services of the optics, optometry, ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology. In each of the centers you will find the different visits, tests and treatments that we carry out.

We are pioneers in the visual rehabilitation of patients with sectoral losses of visual field, it is the rehabilitation of those patients who have lost after an ictus, cerebral hemorrhage or craneo-encephalic traumatism, part of their visual field. These treatments are carried out exclusively by Doctor Fernando Palomar, in a personalized way. International exclusive distributors of ground-in sectorial Palomar´s prisms.

We perform, exclusively internationally, rehabilitation after a stroke. Treating all visual sequelae such as field sector losses, binocular vision disturbances, ocular motility problems, diplopia, etc. We have our Palomar© Online Visual Therapy platform to treat any problem in a personalized way after a stroke, or stroke.

This type of visit requires special programming, please follow the steps indicated.


The hemianopsic and visual neurorehabilitation visits are carried out exclusively by Prof. Doctor Fernando Palomar in a private way, as he is one of the only professionals at an international level who performs them.

These visits require very long exploration times, since it is necessary to make multiple tests, therefore they require special programming.

They are held in our center of Barcelona, ​​usually with duration of a whole morning, the center will be reserved exclusively for you.

We will always ask you before programming, to send medical reports, tests and fields that you have for the previous study of your clinical case.

You can send this information through the contact form that you will find on this website, or if you wish directly to the email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For security, once the email is received, there is always an answer of "received" in 24h, if you don't get it, something has happened or you have not sent it well.

Once the documentation has been received, Doctor Palomar will assess your clinical case and will contact you personally, to resolve any doubts you may have, before program the visit.

Contact from Spain: by email or mobile 618.941.461

Contact from abroad: exclusively by email. You can arrange a call by WhatsApp at the number +34 618941461, for this you send us a message with your personal data and then arrange a call by email.

 ip_icon_03_mailsend       As president of the Asociación ONG de Pacientes Hemianópsicos, he will answer your question altruistically.
We are the first center to offer you through our web platform, treatments for alterations of binocular vision, gandul eye, sectorial field losses, hemianopies, neurorehabilitation after a stroke, etc.      

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